Corkery Consulting selected for Rosenthal Public Domain Design Competition

Corkery Consulting has been selected by Lane Cove Council for the Rosenthal Public Domain Design Competition together with four other consultant teams. Concept designs are to be prepared for a 5,200 m2 public space on top of a new structure incorporating retail shopping and parking for 500 cars.

The public space will be linked to the existing Lane Cove Plaza and provide a combination of cafes, amenities and outdoor recreation as a place for people to meet, socialise and be entertained. A series of existing arcades provide an opportunity to integrate the new public space with retail areas to the east and south.

Council intends to exhibit the five alternative concepts generated by the design competition to obtain community comment and input. Preferred design ideas will then be selected by Council for inclusion in a brief for the detailed design and documentation of the entire development, including retail and car parking components.

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