Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia (IPWEA), Sustainability in Public Works’ Conference, Tweed Heads, 27-29 July 2014

Linda and Noel were invited to make a presentation at the Sustainability in Public Works’ Conference held by the Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia (IPWEA) from 27-29th July at Tweed Heads. The paper made the case for greater collaboration between public works engineers and landscape architects to create better quality and more sustainable public domain.

Paper Abstract:

Cities are now the primary habitat of humans, but we are still learning how to live sustainably in them. Modern cities are in a constant state of transformation; both physically and socially. Achieving sustainability requires a multi-disciplinary approach to a complex process in which engineers and landscape architects engage to plan and design future urban environments. Our effectiveness will be greatly increased if we can collaborate more effectively in our dealings with other professions, decision makers and communities. The Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia (IPWEA) and Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) have a unique opportunity to provide leadership to encourage collaboration between their members.