Corkery Consulting is an award winning design practice of landscape architects who maintain a disciplined commitment to the creation of engaging and sustainable public spaces and other 'green infrastructure'.


The evolution of Corkery Consulting began at Cornell University in the USA when Noel and Linda were both completing masters of landscape architecture. Through that experience we developed a commitment to the incorporation of research in to the urban and landscape design process that continues to underpin our approach to all projects.

Our team combines professional qualifications that include landscape architecture, planning, forestry, horticulture, art and design as well as business management. We have gained knowledge and experience through involvement in projects throughout Australia.

As a company Director and Associate Professor in the Faculty of the Built Environment Landscape Architecture Program at the University of NSW, Linda brings to the practice current research, discussion and thinking around urban design and landscape architecture. 

Noel brings to projects many decades of experience in

managing multi-disciplinary design teams and working in collaboration with a diverse range of other professionals.

The combination of masters degrees in landscape architecture and business administration has allowed Noel to manage and engage with a diverse range of complex urban and landscape projects.

‘Green infrastructure’ forms the primary focus of our practice, which includes public open spaces, parks, urban places, restoration and reuse of sites, highways and power projects.

The scope of our services extends across visual assessment, landscape analysis, site master planning, urban and landscape design, detailed design, documentation and management.

We share a common view with many of our clients that the best design outcome for complex urban and landscape design projects is achieved through a truly collaborative relationship.

Our commitment to high quality and creative work has been recognised by professional awards that include:

   - 2015 AILA NSW Award For Planning In Landscape Architecture
     Rhodes Peninsula Open Space - Masterplan + Plan Of                   Management

   - 2014 AILA National Excellence Award For Research And                Communication
     Lake Pedder Restoration Visualisation

  - 2013 AILA NSW Excellence Award For Research And                      Communication
     Lake Pedder Restoration Visualisation

   - 2012 AILA NSW Award For Planning
     Tallawarra Lands Landscape Masterplan

   - 2000 Excellence Award  - The Royal Australian Planning                Institute
     North Wallarah LES + LEP