The southern headland of Clovelly Bay provides spectacular cliff top views that are enjoyed by walkers and visitors arriving at the car. Randwick City Council has implemented the development of a new section of Coastal Walk along the cliff top edge of the existing car park. As Principal Landscape Architect at URS, Noel Corkery was responsible for preparation of the design concept and documentation of works.

The project involved reconfiguration of the car park to provide space for construction of the Coastal Walk footpath. The design incorporated various components to create a safer and more enjoyable experience for pedestrians and visitors arriving by car. A designated viewing platform provides panoramic views to the south that extend along the coast and out to sea. A new area of landscape open space was created adjoining the western edge of the car park with a pedestrian path to provide an alternative to the Coastal Walk.


Client:      Randwick City Council
Location:  Clovelly NSW Australia
Images:    Corkery Consulting


Clovelly Bay is narrow bay located along the visually spectacular coast of Sydney.  It is a popular recreation destination with a sandy beach and distinctive sandstone terraces and cliffs. The car park located on the southern side of the Bay had no designated pedestrian path, which created a significant safety issue.  

Randwick City Council implemented a major upgrade design concept included a new section of the Coastal Walk located along the edge of the car park that provides spectacular cliff top views out to sea.  The southern end of this section of Coastal Walk in 

marked by a lookout with views along the coast to the south.

As a Principal of URS, Noel Corkery was responsible for preparation of the concept design and coordination of detailed design and documentation of the works.

An alternative route for pedestrians through a landscaped recreation area west of the car park was developed to provide a more direct route between the existing sections of coastal walk to the south and north of the Clovelly Headland. 

Safe pedestrian access through the car park between the Coastal Walk and the alternative pathway west of the car park is provided by a raised section of coloured concrete path. The car park layout was modified to allow development of the new section Coastal Walk while maintaining the total number of car parking spaces.

The simple and bold design concept ensures emphasis is placed on enjoying the dramatic ocean and coastal views that are unique to the headland.