The design concept prepared by Corkery Consulting for Walter Gors Park was selected as the winner of an ideas competition conducted by Warringah Council. The Park will form a key element of the Dee Why Town Centre through the re-interpretation of ecological, social and cultural heritage values in a new community space.

Our design concept integrated water throughout the Park as a unifying element and symbol of renewal, movement and connectivity. The cultural significance and ecological value of water is celebrated in a system of rain gardens that clean storm water while providing visual delight and physical comfort for visitors. 



Client:      warringah Council
Location:  Dee Why NSW Australia
Images:    Corkery Consulting

Awards:    Walter Gors Park Design Ideas Competition


A children’s water play area is created in the Park using recycled and treated water. Picnic, barbeque and informal recreation facilities are located near the water play area. New shade structures, reflecting the physical form of the former residential buildings on the site, were set within

paved plazas and incorporate interactive information displays. Diverse recreation facilities and opportunities for social interaction are provided throughout a vibrant urban precinct. The Park was designed to form a regional destination associated with the Town Centre.

Physical and psychological connectivity to the Town Centre is strengthened by wide paths and a shared plaza that integrates the Park with the future Dee Why Library.