The Goonyella Riverside open cut coal mine is located north of Moranbah township in the Bowen Basin west of Mackay.  BMA made an application to the Queensland Government for permission to expand the existing mine operations.  URS was engaged by BMA to prepare the EIS for the project to support the expansion application.

Corkery Consulting was engaged by URS as a specialist consultant to prepare the Visual Assessment component of the EIS. The Visual Assessment addressed all of the above ground components of the proposed mining operations including vegetation clearing, construction of haul roads, spoil dump landforms together with associated remediation works. The potential visual impacts during the period of mining operations as well as the long term post-mining situation were assessed


Client:     URS/BMA
Location: Moranbah QLD Australia
Images:   Corkery Consulting


The Visual Assessment included mapping of the visual catchment of the proposed above ground works to identify areas from which they may be visible. Key viewing situations were then identified within the visual catchment including public roads and a series of homesteads. The potential visual impact on viewers at each of the key view situations was assessed by use of a matrix that combines 

the magnitude of visibility with the level of sensitivity of the viewer.
Mitigation measures were identified to minimise the potential visual impacts for the small number of viewing situations that include the two homesteads, as well as sections of public road. Lighting associated with the proposed mining operation would be designed to 

prevent direct line of sight views of lights from Riverside Downs and Burton Downs homesteads.
Visual simulations of the proposed two overburden landforms were prepared by Corkery Consulting to illustrate the post-rehabilitation view from the adjoining public roads.