Corkery Consulting was engaged by the City of Ryde to design and document new granite paved shared user path along both sides of Lane Cove Road at Macquarie Park. Extending for 370 metres the new paving provides connectivity for high pedestrian flows between Macquarie Park Railway Station and Talavera Road intersection.

Urban development at Macquarie Park has greatly increased employment through construction of offices and commercial buildings as well as extensive residential development. The result has been a great increase in pedestrian movements by people working and living in the area. The network of pedestrian sidewalks radiating out from Macquarie Park Railway Station now carries very high flows, particularly in peak periods. An integral component of the new railway station development was the upgrade of pedestrian paths that provide access to and from the station.


Client:      City of Ryde
Location:  Macquarie Park NSW Australia
Images:    Corkery Consulting


The section of Lane Cove Road extending east from Macquarie Park Railway Station and Talavera Road forms a major artery in the pedestrian network. When the City of Ryde decided to upgrade this section Corkery Consulting engaged to prepare detailed design and documentation.

The existing network of underground services presented a particular challenge to ensure all surface markers and 

lids were coordinated with and adjustment to surface levels and kerb alignments. In addition the detailed design involved a series of service station driveway crossings where the cross section profiles needed be meet vehicle clearance criteria.

To ensure that documentation provided for the most cost-effective construction procedures Corkery Consulting 

consulted with experienced contractors to discuss a number of construction details and procedures.

Completion of the new granite paving has made a significant positive contribution to the comfort and safety of pedestrians in the public domain in the urban precinct of Macquarie Park.