Gamesa Energy Australia developed a 60-turbine wind farm located south of Crookwell on both sides of the Crookwell-Goulbourn Road. As Principal Landscape Architect with URS, Noel Corkery was responsible for preparation of the visual assessment component of the project EIS.

Approval for development of the wind farm was issued by the NSW State Government following a number of modifications to the initial design.


Client:      gamesa Energy Australia
Location:  Goulbourn NSW Australia
Images:    URS & Noel Corkery


The visual assessment involved mapping of the visual catchment of the proposed wind turbines and analysis of key viewing situations.  Particular focus was placed on identifying and analysing potential views of the wind turbines by motorists as well as adjoining rural residents. Wind turbines are located along a system of prominent ridges in a rural landscape setting. A new substation

was constructed together with overhead power lines connected to the transmission lines that run through the site and form part of the regional electricity grid.

To illustrate the anticipated visual character of the wind turbines a series of visual simulations were prepared to show the anticipated view from key view points, 

particularly along the Crookwell-Goulbourn Road. 

A range of measures were identified to mitigate the potential visual impact, which included screen planting  at individual homesteads as well as sensitive design of construction access roads to minimise cut and fill slopes on the visually open landscape.