Our greatest professional satisfaction comes from contributing to the creation of attractive landscapes and public places that engender a sense of enjoyment and well-being for users.


As urban densities increase and pressures on natural landscapes grow, the need for higher quality public domain and sustainable landscapes will continue to intensify. We seek opportunities to work with clients who are committed to meeting this challenge through the application of design skills that achieve creative and sustainable outcomes. We share a common view with many of our clients that the best built environment design outcomes are achieved when complimentary disciplines overlap and interact with each other in a responsive and creative way.

Many of our clients recognise that landscape architects bring to projects a distinctive combination of site planning and design skills that can provide leadership to cross-disciplinary teams and facilitate creative collaboration between a diverse range of design professionals. Our goal is to add value to projects by interpreting their broader environmental, economic and social context as the basis for design thinking that responds to the unique values of each site and user requirements to achieve integration of built and natural environments.

Understanding how people value, use and respond to the public domain, as well as the role played by high quality public spaces and pedestrian/cycle networks in contributing to community health and sense of well-being, is a constant challenge. We respond to this challenge through ‘research by design’ on projects as well as applying relevant research from academic institutions.