World Landscape Architecture Edition 21 – Research & Policy

We are delighted to announce that World Landscape Architecture has published an article written by Linda and Noel about the Western Sydney Parklands. The on-line magazine features work of landscape architects from around the world and Edition 21 is focused on Research and Policy. The article describes the creation and development of the Western Sydney Parklands over the past decade and highlights the body of knowledge gained by the Parklands Trust that is relevant to other large urban parks.

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Presentation by Spanish architects Helena Casanova and Jesús Hernández

Corkery Consulting is pleased to sponsor a presentation by Spanish architects Helena Casanova and Jesús Hernández, founders of CASANOVA+HERNANDEZ, a design and research studio based in Rotterdam. The AILA organised event will include a lively presentation and discussion of case studies and test cases from C+H’s recent book, Public Space Acupuncture, featuring projects from their studio and those of other European colleagues. Embracing the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design their design work and research projects strive to develop innovative solutions for creating vibrant cities that also promote environmental and social sustainability.

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IUCN PARKS Journal – Edition 21.1

We are pleased to announce that a major article titled WESTERN SYDNEY PARKLANDS – AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST URBAN PARK written by Linda and Noel has been published in the IUCN Parks Journal, which is the on-line journal of the International Union of the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Publication of the peer-reviewed article follows on from the IUCN World Parks Congress held at Sydney Olympic Park in November 2014, attended by more than 5,000 delegates. Noel made a presentation in collaboration with Suellen Fitzgerald, Director of the Parramatta Park and Western Sydney Parkland Trusts.

Forming part of the Congress stream titled ‘Why urban parks matter in creating healthy and liveable cities’, the presentation focused on the knowledge and insights gained over the past decade from the planning, design, development and management of the Parklands, particularly in relation to the capacity of this major urban parkland to deliver human and environmental health benefits to a rapidly growing urban population.

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Memory Park at Hazelbrook in Blue Mountains is reopened to public

Restoration of Memory Park at Hazelbrook forms a key component of the Great Western Highway upgrade carried out by Roads and Maritime Services. The Park provides easy and enjoyable access between Hazelbrook village centre and railway station through an integrated system of ramps, stairs, retaining walls and pedestrian bridge over the highway. Corkery Consulting was pleased to design the restored Park, which has been enthusiastically welcomed by the local community. Existing mature trees were retained and supplemented with extensive new planting that reflects the cultural landscape associated with villages in the Blue Mountains. A new memorial site commemorates local soldiers who died in war.

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IUCN World Parks Congress presentation by Noel Corkery

IUCN World Parks Congress presentation by Noel Corkery from Corkery Consulting on Vimeo.


The 6th IUCN World Parks Congress was held at Sydney Olympic Park in Nov. 2014. Last held in South Africa in 2004 the Congress attracted 5,000 delegates from 160 countries.

Noel made the presentation in a new stream titled “Improving Health and Wellbeing: Healthy Parks Healthy People”. Western Sydney Parklands was used to illustrate why urban parks matter in creating healthy and liveable cities. The presentation was made in collaboration with Suellen Fitzgerald, Director of the Parramatta Park and Western Sydney Parklands Trusts. Noel was first involved with the Parklands ten years ago when he led a visioning process that led to the creation of the Parklands and Trust. The Congress provided an opportunity to reflect on lessons to be learnt from development of the 5,280 ha Parklands in the rapidly developing western area of Sydney.


Corkery Consulting selected for Rosenthal Public Domain Design Competition

Corkery Consulting has been selected by Lane Cove Council for the Rosenthal Public Domain Design Competition together with four other consultant teams. Concept designs are to be prepared for a 5,200 m2 public space on top of a new structure incorporating retail shopping and parking for 500 cars.

The public space will be linked to the existing Lane Cove Plaza and provide a combination of cafes, amenities and outdoor recreation as a place for people to meet, socialise and be entertained. A series of existing arcades provide an opportunity to integrate the new public space with retail areas to the east and south.

Council intends to exhibit the five alternative concepts generated by the design competition to obtain community comment and input. Preferred design ideas will then be selected by Council for inclusion in a brief for the detailed design and documentation of the entire development, including retail and car parking components.

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Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia (IPWEA), Sustainability in Public Works’ Conference, Tweed Heads, 27-29 July 2014


Linda and Noel were invited to make a presentation at the Sustainability in Public Works’ Conference held by the Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia (IPWEA) from 27-29th July at Tweed Heads. The paper made the case for greater collaboration between public works engineers and landscape architects to create better quality and more sustainable public domain.

Paper Abstract:

Cities are now the primary habitat of humans, but we are still learning how to live sustainably in them. Modern cities are in a constant state of transformation; both physically and socially. Achieving sustainability requires a multi-disciplinary approach to a complex process in which engineers and landscape architects engage to plan and design future urban environments. Our effectiveness will be greatly increased if we can collaborate more effectively in our dealings with other professions, decision makers and communities. The Institute of Public Works Engineers Australia (IPWEA) and Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) have a unique opportunity to provide leadership to encourage collaboration between their members.

Download ‘Creating Sustainable Public Domain through Collaboration between Engineers and Landscape Architects’

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